Best Real Estate Investment Opportunities for 2014 – Green Real Estate

What and where are the best real estate investment opportunities for 2014?Is wholesaling houses or acquiring retail property to rent out the best move? Will California continue to be one of the world’s favorite destination to buy or will a resurging city like Phoenix take the lead in 2014?Considering we haven’t even broken through Black Friday weekend yet many green real estate investors might ask if it’s too early to worry about 2014 trends and opportunities. However, veteran investors and wholesaling CEOs are already developing strategy, marketing materials, and are even working to generate leads for January and February 2014. In order to make these efforts effective it clearly requires an understanding of emerging and future trends, in order to build in the right branding, positioning and tactics.If real estate investors only focus on reacting to what is hot today they’ll always be behind and forced to react to keep up and survive rather than lead and thrive.So which destinations might investors want to watch as we roll into the New Year?California certainly continues to be a trending market on a global scale. Yet, so is South Florida, Detroit, and New York. New York in particular could potentially see significant traction in the months and year ahead as new tax free zones take hold and new businesses are launched. Others are honing in on Chicago for scooping up dirt cheap, distressed foreclosure properties. However, there are also those eyeing the second stage booms in markets like Phoenix, AZ that are set to get a lift from increased employment and economic gains sparked by investment activity over the last few years.Beyond location the U.S. property industry as a whole is still in an incredibly dynamic phase. Jobs and economic growth may be slow and steady, but as it snowballs and technology drives new tangents huge gains will seen in many areas in short periods of time. It is those which are the most flexible and agile that will be able to best capitalize on these opportunities.According to analysts virtually every sector is revving up to hit the gas next year from residential housing to raw land, to retail, office and even industrial. However, what may have the capability to change the game the most is new developments in marketing.With more than a decade left in this upward cycle left there are few ways to go completely wrong in this market whether investors are acquiring rental properties, developing land, or managing commercial real estate. Still, for those with low tolerance for risk and desiring big pay days fast wholesaling properties continues to stand out as a superior choice.